sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

Do not be careless with who loves you

Jane Welsh, her secretary of the Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle, married him and devoted her life to him and his work. Thomas deeply loved, but he was so busy with his lectures and his life that often neglected the love of Jane. After a time of marriage she became ill and died. After the funeral, Thomas went to his room and read the diary of his wife. He found these words she wrote about him:
"Yesterday he spent an hour with me and it was like heaven. I love him so much."
Another day she wrote: "I was expecting him all day but it's too late, I think he will not come today."
Thomas cried a lot, realized his neglect of someone who loved him so much, and the desire she had to at least talk to him.
The heart of God is immersed in love for us, but often the wound with our negligence. Every day he looks forward to hear from you, to be alone with you...
Love God for who He is, not just when you need!

Não basta você plantar... A vida espiritual e´ semelhante a uma plantação do campo... O homem prepara a terra, remove as pedras...