sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2016

You are the most beautiful flower garden of God

"You are the most beautiful flower garden of God. You were generated exclusively to his garden, its proper place is this.
No use trying to land flourish in places. Places that will only make you wither and waste your sweet essence.
I repeat: you are the most beautiful flower garden of God! There are so many flowers that beg for care every block. In some thorns along the way. Living waiting for someone, the drizzle.
In vain attempts! The only kind gardener and always will be one there will be no equal. You can only flourish if it is fully rendered one who created you ... that you devised. Who created you the image and likeness of him.
If you are already withered withering, seek the gardener, always waited to hear you calling for him to come and the way becomes a completely happy person in the garden one in which there are other flowers that just as you almost gave up, but thanks to him, they found their true home: the Father's arms. "
- You are the most beautiful flower of God.

Não basta você plantar... A vida espiritual e´ semelhante a uma plantação do campo... O homem prepara a terra, remove as pedras...