terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2016

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream? Yes. But I want to remind you a little great detail. There is a price to be paid for that dream in your life. It will not be like this ... there is no glory without the cross.
There dream and delirium. Delirio's is dream without wanting to pay the price for it. Lately I've noticed something here in the facebook ...
I put a prophetic word of blessing and type in many persons say amen, I believe ... I get ... and bla bla bla ....
But many these also do not make the MINIMUM to obey the Lord. The MINIMUM.
All the people want the blessing ... want deliverance all world wants ... want the miracle all world wants, but serve Christ and live in holiness, giving up his worldly life, drink, addiction, adultery, religious slavery, the '' late nights in ballads '' will watered booze, that NOBODY wants.
You need Loved the Lord, he is God director of the biggest dreams of a person's life. He can deliver you from bondage. But there's no way you accomplish this while you get stuck in your little world secular. Who wants to hold the hands of Christ have to drop the hands of the world ...understand this please
Then you truly vera powerful blessed and miraculous hand of God on his life.

Send us your seed of love. What do you do for work from God, God will do for you!
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When you open your hands in the earth, God opens the heavenly barns for your life.
If you want God what you never had, do to him what ever made.

God bless you and honor with UNUSUAL love.

With Love ... Ps. Francis.

Não basta você plantar... A vida espiritual e´ semelhante a uma plantação do campo... O homem prepara a terra, remove as pedras...