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Baby wakes up at dawn to announce that "the King is coming- watch the video

"The King is coming." The biblical promise of Jesus' return to rescue His bride will be fulfilled one day, but this reminder was given by a baby just two years old, after waking in the night.

The child, named Lily, awakened near midnight and surprised his parents with the news that "the King is coming." She repeated the warning emphatically asking to look up.

"Bring me a gift. He's coming in the air, "the little Lily. The moment was recorded by the mother, with a hidden camera of the child, so the time was the most spontaneous possible, she later said, according to the blog The Heaven and The Hell.

"She talked to us about his dream vision at the end of the day. I still managed to record this video, "said Chelsea Rebecca, his mother. "She told us' It's coming! He is coming, 'and when I asked' who ', she replied:'!? King 'and pointed to the top, "he added.

Surprise with the daughter's behavior, Chelsea said that everything was unprecedented, since she had not brought it to Lily: "I taught her to do so. She just turned two years and is beginning to speak several words and phrases clearly. Before that, we believed that a better understanding of God was associated with prayers before bed every night, "contextualized.

Chelsea also says that, as his daughter was very young, she had not "spoken to her about the rapture or the second coming of Jesus." Hours later, the girl returned to alert the mother about the important visit, "The next morning, while getting your morning coffee, she told me, 'Mom, open the door, because God is coming' and then went on to hit the wall Three times".

For the family, the timing could not be more sincere. In social networks, the mother shared the biblical passages that speak about the episode: "And after that, pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men shall see visions "- Joel 2:28.

"At midnight, there was a shout: 'The groom is approaching! Come out to meet him '"-Matthew 25: 6.

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