domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2017

Brazilian Shepherd is Stabbed on Top of The Altar

Valdemiro Santiago is stabbed during worship
Leader is hospitalized and accompanied by relatives

The leader of the World Church of God's Power (IMPD), Valdemiro Santiago, was stabbed during a Sunday morning worship service (8/1) at a unit of the institution in the Brás region, in the city of São Paulo. According to a video released by Juliana Santiago in social networks and recorded at the hospital, Valdemiro told the story.
"After hearing a miracle, a testimony, somebody entered, I do not know who it is, I did not see, behind ... and stabbed a neck, or a razor, I do not know, but rest assured, because it only goes when God wants "Said Valdemiro.

Beside his wife, Valdemiro promised that in the near future he would resume his activities as a pastor in the institution. "I come back to you, to bless you in the name of Jesus," said the leader, who asked for prayers.

The person responsible for the action, who generated 25 points in the neck of Santiago, was arrested and taken to the 8th Police District, located near the church. According to information published by O Globo, it was a constant faithful in the IMPD and that, at the time, carried a big knife

Still, according to information released by the institution to the newspaper, the faithful were unemployed and, last week, entered into discussion with Valdemiro Santiago. In the police district, the young man will be questioned as soon as he goes through the sorting.

Our Prayers for the Santiago family.


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