quinta-feira, 23 de março de 2017

"I'm finishing my career," says pastor during preaching, moments before he dies

"I'm finishing my career," so an evangelical pastor died while preaching during a service in the city of Avaré, in the interior of São Paulo- Brazil.

The video of the last moments of the pastor's life has recently become viral, and shows him talking about the children in the faith that he joined throughout his ministry, citing as example the relationship between the apostle Paul and Timothy.

"I have finished my career, I have kept my faith, and now I am expecting one thing, that the just judge will give me! This thing is called a crown. Not only for me, but for all who await His glorious coming, "says the pastor, identified in some regional portals as João Pires.

"Paul had a great esteem for Timothy, who was about twenty when he became a child in the faith of the apostle Paul. This esteem I have for all of you that night [...] So, my dear ones, is the reason why we are very happy, "adds the pastor.
Just before closing his sermon, he praises the children of a couple of church members, recalls the biblical passage in which God commanded Moses to throw his rod into her to become a serpent, and briefly, before his last breath, says: "Alleluiah! glory to God".

The people who participated in the cult rush to go the pastor and expressions of fright and regret take care of those present, before the video is cut. The death of João Pires has no exact date, but the oldest videos on the internet point to August 2016.

Watch the moment the pastor "finishes his career":

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