sábado, 15 de abril de 2017

Find someone who emotionally loves you and spiritually strengthens you

Find someone who awakens your easy laugh, someone who loves your messy way and who cares what you feel. Someone who does not turn away from his pain and welcome him even though he does not understand his whys. Find someone who is your friend, who likes your scandalous laughter and who sees grace in his dull jokes.

Find someone who emotionally loves you in full, without excuses. Someone who leaves the "and if" aside, and wants to live a story at his side.

Find someone who emotionally loves his clumsy way of being, because he knows that even breaking so many things and knocking down so many others, you would never break the most important: your heart. Someone who sees that, behind this tough pose, there is someone with a heart willing to love, but who, after so many tumbles, has chosen to retreat. Someone who is company for the storms and not just when the sun decides to shine.

Find someone who emotionally loves you without makeup to win compliments, without needing new clothes to notice you, someone who sees your beautiful soul and knows that you have a huge heart, willing to overflow.

Someone who does not depend on its beauty, its charm, its charms and its intelligence, to love it. Even you being an avalanche of beautiful things, causing feelings to disintegrate you completely, even though you arouse a smile only with the way you look. Find someone who sees beyond a body, an admiration and an attraction. Find someone who sees and be love. May he look at what is beyond what the eyes can see: our beautiful soul.

Find someone who emotionally loves you, but spiritually strengthens you. Someone who encourages you to be better and who knows the meaning of the word respect. Someone who looks at you and sees there the most beautiful work of creation, that sees your heart surrendered to God and that wishes to draw near to the owner of your heart, before conquering it.

Não basta você plantar... A vida espiritual e´ semelhante a uma plantação do campo... O homem prepara a terra, remove as pedras...