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Pastor creates social project for children in Africa: "They live on the streets and eat junk"

With a reality marked by hunger and lack of basic infrastructure, Africa touched the heart of the apostle Joel Engel on a missionary trip last year across the continent.

Known for leading the Prophetic School, Engel visited Africa in late 2016 to be part of the graduation course for online students. However, noting that hundreds of children were part of the audience, something has changed on their journey.

"I went there to anoint the adult students who attended the Prophetic School, but God spoke to me in a very strong way: 'Do not forget the little ones,'" Engel said in an interview with Guiame.

With this impact came the Daniel Project, which aims to build churches with an infrastructure around them, counting on day care centers, schools and hospitals. The goal of the mission is to minimize the problems of hunger, malnutrition, lack of medical care and bring Bible teaching to children, forming future evangelists for Africa.

"The name of the project is based on the biblical book of Daniel, the prophet who was taken as a slave to Babylon but received a good diet, received studies and became governor," Engel explains.

Reality of children in Africa

On his last trip to Africa, Engel noted that one of the reasons for social unbalance is the large number of children per family. "I met parents who had 120 children, for it is very common to see men with ten wives, for example. So these kids end up going to the streets and eat anything - grasshoppers, rats, "he says.

"Within that culture, they do not know how to plant and do not enjoy basic sanitation. So the wealth of Africa lies in people, in children, "added the apostle.
To fill the lack of social and family structure, Project Daniel wants to encourage and empower every African pastor to become teachers and parents, within schools. "We want to adopt those children, not just get them to attend the services," Engel said.

Initial project

A pilot project will be established in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, where the mission has already received an extension of 17 hectares of African government land. "We are going to lead a team that will teach people how to plant and raise animals so that families can support themselves," explains Engel.

In partnership with the specialist in molecular medicine and toxigenética, José Valdair de Sousa, African communities will receive dietary supplementation with bran and organic pastes.

"The idea is to create micro-cities with water, light and basic sanitation. In that place, pastors will have work every day, children will study and not need to go out to eat on the streets, "adds the apostle.

For Engel, it is important that the Church joins the government to take on social issues. "The Church must become involved in the social field. In Africa there are a lot of people and a large percentage of them are Christians. Then the Church must assume the social part together with the government, which must also assume its responsibility. "

To know more about Project Daniel and the Prophetic School, visit the sites:
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