sexta-feira, 30 de junho de 2017

"Feminism has infiltrated churches to distort the role of women"

Last week, Marisa Lobo, a psychologist specializing in human rights, was at Getsêmani Baptist Church in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and took the opportunity of her speech to alert the church about the danger of ideologies launched by movements such as feminism.

According to Marisa, feminism no longer represents women and has hindered those who say "defend", distorting women's role in society and even infiltrating churches to deepen their reach.

"Feminism has infiltrated the churches to distort the role of the Christian woman," he warned when commenting on the subject in testimony to Guiame.

"Women need defense, but they do not need feminism." Today there is a lot of confusion, it is full of feminists inside the churches.Feminism today does not represent women.Feminism today represents abortion, gender ideology, but not feminism. The biological woman, "he warned. "Feminism deconstructs the role of women in society," said the psychologist in her talk.

Marisa Lobo denounced that feminism and the gender ideology are not leading women to accept themselves, but rather to develop an increasing dissatisfaction with themselves.

"Women are angry at their bodies, they do not want to marry, they do not want to have children anymore, they do not want to be women any more, they are not proud of their role, because gender ideology says that woman and man have no role in society, That we are all equal. "We are equal, yes, before God and before the law, with our differences and what feminism no longer respects," he said.

"We [women] suffer prejudice, yes, we have to speak the truth, but we have to fight without throwing away the role that God has given us," he added.

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