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The Power of Encouraging Your Spouse

No one can encourage you as your spouse - your words, your actions, your belief and your touch. They have the power to diffuse stress and literally give you energy. Encouragement should be a regularly practiced part of a healthy marriage - keyword: practiced. Good incentive is judged and frequency. As a husband or wife, it is important to find out what speaks louder and make it a regular part of your marriage.
To fill with courage

Encouraging your spouse literally puts courage into them, as "trusting" means trusting someone. A good incentive will make the recipient be filled with courage - imagine that!
The explanation is simple, but I love it.
Find Out The Best Way To Encourage Your Spouse

To better encourage your spouse, it is important to know what else you talk to them. Young couples quickly realize that what you may think is that the most epic display of your love can not connect so vividly with your husband / wife.
You may be familiar with Gary Chapman's book The Five Languages of Love. He addresses how to show love to his wife and establish himself in five ways:
1-Words of affirmation
2-Acts of service
3-Receiving gifts
4-Quality time
5-Physical Touch

I learned (for many years) that I love languages are quality time and acts of service. If you are not sure of your love languages, I would encourage you to do so.
Love languages encompass much more than encouragement, but knowing what the languages of each will greatly enhance your ability to encourage your spouse.

Husbands, Encourage Your Wives

Husbands: Get a game plan together and run! Take 10 minutes out of your day and ask yourself how you can encourage it. Each day will be something unique. Maybe it's a simple text message, or flowers, or a date of surprise. Maybe she just needs you to call her out of nowhere and express some reasons why you love her and believe her.
The goal is that you can do it, provided you are a priority. So put a daily reminder to "encourage your wife," and make it happen!
Wives: call your spouse and just remind him of how proud you are of yours and. Bonus: Wife, this exercise really has an alternate effect: being so you end up remembering just how amazing it is and you would feel great!

Wives, Encourage Your Husbands

Ladies, you have more power than you know. I like to call it the "knight and maiden" effect. As knights, we like to go into battle and bring down dragons. The only thing better than the killing of dragons is coming home to our maidens, making a chivalrous bow and listening to their loving words of worship. No matter how hard he feels or how many things he conquers, always pray for him and with him.
As wives, you can encourage or discourage with words and tones like no other person in your husband's life. A purposeful and well-placed line of encouragement can soften your husband's heart and relieve his pain. You can fill it with strength and energy, as long as you cost your power with love!

Questions: What is your husband's language of encouragement? How did you learn to deeply encourage your spouse? (Feel free to reply in the comments)

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