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101-year-old Jew woman accepts Jesus as Savior

Ministry shows the importance of perseverance in evangelization.

The ministry "Jews for Jesus" is the most active mission in the world in the evangelization of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.Founded in 1973 by Martin Rosen, a Jew who recognized Christ as his Messiah and became a Baptist pastor, the mission is present in many countries (including Israel) and has more than 200 full-time missionaries.

The truthful story told on the first day of March tells of the work of the missionary Susan Perlman, deputy director of the "Jews for Jesus". Living in San Francisco, California, she flew across the country to visit Cynthia, a 101-year-old Jewish woman living in New York.

They had been talking on the phone and on the internet for a few weeks. When Susan heard that Cynthia was ready to make a decision, she took the first flight to hold the old woman's hands as she prayed confessing Yeshua (Jesus) as her Messiah and Savior.

The centenary lady's contact with the evangelical mission took place through Lisa, Cynthia's godson, who had received Jesus and shared it with her godmother.

After Cynthia's decision she was accompanied by Shoshanah (one of the missionaries at the base in New York), who immediately began to study the Bible with the new convert who, because of her age, has special needs.

This testimony is being released by the mission not only because it is a beautiful story, but also because it is a reminder of the importance of perseverance in evangelism. There is no age limit so that someone can decide to stand by Christ and spend all eternity with him. 

With information from Jews for Jesus


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