sábado, 20 de outubro de 2018

Hezbollah will try to kill the Conservative candidate for the presidency of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil, October 20, journalist and deputy Joice Hasselmann, released a video on her Youtube channel with an alert of the utmost importance:

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of the Republican Party filed in Washington DC, directly to Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State and former CIA director, a document stating that "Venezuela, Iran and Hezbollah are articulating interference in the presidential election of Brazil ". Dana is very afraid for the physical integrity of Bolsonaro.
In the document he mentions that the captain has already been the victim of a death attempt and yet received 46% of the votes, and that he fears a second attack. The US Congressman has called for the elections to be held smoothly.

The journalist's channel is called Joice Hasselmann TV and is one of the best on YouTube.
Dana Rohrabacher 

Video on Youtube -> https://youtu.be/gjBI85xUdjY

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