quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2018

No, I am not a Feminist

No, I am not a Feminist under any hypothesis.
Feminism for me is disrespectful and inelegant.
The Body is mine, but the rules are of God, the one who created me in the wombof my mom. I'm pro-life.

Nowadays, we see women on fight with men for power, equality, and command, and with this we see the trickle down of the primordial force that God constituted on the Earth called FAMILY.

Especially in countries called world powers, I see every day, families being decimated, corrupted by mothers who gave up being mothers, wives, to become a rival of their own spouse.

The bed, once a nest without fight,  turned into a ice place, disrespect, and damn words saying.

Both men and women received from God assignments for family life - some equals, some different. For example, in creating a woman to be a helper of her husband (Gen 2:18), Heavenly Father defined the role of man as the head (or government) of the home; and it is precisely in this respect that we wish to begin by approaching the duties of the husband.

We also find in the Scriptures clear commands about the husband's responsibility to love (honor) his wife (Eph. 5: 25) and, what we separate as a still distinct role, to be his wife's physical (1 Corinthians 7: 3-5).

We also understand that when he created man and established him in Eden, the Lord gave him two distinct functions: plowing and keeping the garden (Gen. 2:15). Thus, even before the creation of the woman and the establishment of the family (which already existed in its eternal purpose), the Creator defined the role of man as the provider and protector of his future family.

Therefore, the five principal duties of the husband - to seek to please and make his wife happy, are:

1. Be the head of the home;
2. Love your wife;
3. Be your wife's (sexual) lover;
4. Being a provider;
5. Be protective.

As the head of the household, man is responsible, from whom God will charge the exercise of the priesthood. It is obvious that the woman must participate by exercising the priesthood with her husband, but the greater responsibility is not upon her shoulders. Many husbands, seeing that their wives dispute with him the equalities of authority in the home, settle for seeing his wife do their part well, but they should not do so. No matter how good the woman's help, the man has to do his part!

The children, growing up in this marital war environment, seeing their mothers disrespecting their Fathers, treating him with inferiority. They develop a rebellious mentality that really, the father is not good for anything. Don't serving for anything.
At this moment, the greatest curse is born in the life of a human being.


 From the moment that disloyalty and dishonor comes through the door, God out the other ... becoming the '' beginning of the end '' of a sacred institution.
A few years ago, on a dawn of prayer and fasting, the Lord revealed to me the strong spiritual scheme destroyer of families entering American homes through a terrible demon named Jezebel.

Women wholly possessed by this evil principality have been causing veritable mass destruction within homes, society, and the most disturbing, on altars in the churches.
The terrible thing about it all is that Jezebel is a sneaky spirit, who blinds people, making them completely dependent  from her, for everything.

Little by little, the pastor becomes ill ... loses his strength ... the husband begins to become an alcoholic, loses the authority of the home, and these evil women begin to simply command, manipulate, dominate and control the lives of all people around her.

The head, the one who was constituted by God as authority. The Man.

And this damned demon comes disguised with a name:


As a traditional servant of the Lord, I learned to honor and respect the head.
It's biblical, it's no use wanting to change this equation.
The man has command, the woman gives support.

And Jezebel ... I have strong evidence to feel Jezebel's spirit in the environment that I am. And I hate the way she blinds down terribly, especially the Lord's prophets. It seduces, deceives, controls and in the end, pulls the cord into the abyss.

This is evil, is inhuman, is demoniac!

The trusted people in my life are men.
The people who gave me the most honor and value were men.
My best friend is a Gold man.
My only brother Erick, is a man.
I love my Dad.
And I love Jesus .

God created man to be the mind, the reason ... the protection.
Woman, do not confuse protection with control ...
Many women imagine being submissive is being silly in the hands of their husbands. BUT NO!
Submission is for you allow your beloved hubby protect you, care of you ...
Man must have this instinct satiated... so.. let YOUR MAN protect you .. let him be your spiritual covering, your protection from all evil, including spiritual.

The man, besides being faithful to his wife, should lead his children in the way of the Lord and in a life of holiness, which will require not only casual advice but an accompaniment, investment and ministry in the spiritual life of their families. The positioning of a man of God must always involve his home.
But how could this be possible with an authoritarian, rebellious wife who does not respect him or respect who he is in his life?

Us women are the heart.... HEART
The Heart that balances, the nest, the safe harbor in the midst of the battles of our man's life.
It has never been so necessary at this time, the sweetness of a woman wants to be simply a woman.

With love....

Ps. Francis Fais.

Brazil, November 7 (prophetic day) 2018

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